These are a few of my favorite things...

Ok, so this one isn't about the food, it's about the containers. I show you the contents all the time, but I rarely show you the rest of what goes into the packing.

School lunch from

This is what our lunches look like when they are ready to be packed into the lunch bags. Most days, as you might have noticed, I packed in our EasyLunchboxes. They are tons of reasons why I love them, and I even wrote a whole post about that, but the top reason is that it's just a really efficient way for me to pack several lunches at once. 

Each of my children has their own color lid, so they know which lunch is theirs. When the lunches are ready I line them up on the counter, with each of their drinks on top ready to go. I send drinks every day in insulated Thermos Funtainer drink bottles. I've tried lots of different kinds and these are the only ones we've stuck with. They are durable, they don't leak, they are easy to clean, and the keep the drinks really cold. This year I am just sending them cold water every day. I fill the drinks at night and put them in the fridge, so they get a cold drink in the morning and it stays cool all day. 

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