School Lunch Day 84: Just one sandwich

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I really have a nasty cold, so I was going to just let them all buy lunch today. But this young fellow needs his routine, and he was not interested in going to school without his "regular lunch". I told him that I was willing to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and that was it. So he agreed to that, and I made it. And then he asked if I had any Swiss cheese I could put in there, because he really likes that. And then he asked if I had any sliced turkey too, because he'd like to have some of that too. And then he said he needed apples. So I guess I packed a full lunch. My price: he had to let me take his picture. And really, could you say no to that sweet face, asking for a homemade lunch?

The sandwich is homemade grape jam with natural peanut butter from Whole Foods Market, on Rudi's Organic Bakery country morning white. The turkey is the roasted deli turkey from Whole Foods and the Swiss is Tillamook.


Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
For the name on the sandwich I just took little letter cutters and dipped them in the jam, and then just pressed enough on the sandwich to leave a little mark.