School Lunch Day 108: Sandwiches with Homemade Peach Jam

I packed simple sandwiches for school lunches today, but a little extra special with some peach jam that I made yesterday. 

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Friday's are often sandwich day here. It's just a simple and easy lunch to pack, and because I only pack them once a week at the most it's something that my kids are not tired of. 

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Yesterday we had a huge wind storm here which knocked down power lines just down the block from us, so our power was out most of the day.

And since I couldn't get any of my other work done I decided to make some quick and simple peach jam. My stove still worked since it is a gas stove, I was able to light it with a match. 

I rarely use a recipe with I make jam, I just make it up as I go. I think we get a bit too fussy about jam, but when you're making it with a fruit like peaches which will naturally thicken up when cooked, you really don't have to be. I just filled a medium sized pot and filled it most of the way with frozen peaches, and added about a cup of honey. To that I also added a few slices of apple and half a meyer lemon - as these are a natural way to add pectin to jam. I let all that simmer until all the fruit was just falling apart and it had thickened. I took out the lemon and the pieces of apple skin, and mashed the remaining fruit with a potato masher, and let it simmer a bit longer, and then spooned it into a few jars.

Now back to the lunches...

My boy is a creature of habit - he loves his "usual lunch" - which basically just means that he'll eat anything as long as I pack it in his EasyLunchbox. He loves his EasyLunchbox. He has a peanut butter and peach jam sandwich on whole wheat bread, a cheese on top, and apples and grapes on the side. 

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My twin kindergarteners have their lunch in the new Blue Water Bento containers that we've been trying out this week. These are quickly becoming a new favorite. They look small but they hold so much. These lunches actually have more food in them than his lunch does, and I kind of love that I can pack it so neatly - there's something about it that feeds my OCD love of order.

The girls also have sandwiches with peach jam. One has peanut butter and the other doesn't like peanut butter so she has cream cheese. They also have cheese, apples, and a few grapes. In the small container they have cucumber and carrot sticks, and the one who likes dipping also has a little cup of homemade ranch dressing. They have the same amount of carrots and cucumbers in here, I just cut them in have in the one with the dip so I could fit everything in. 

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