School Lunch Day 111: Muffins

A quick and easy breakfast for lunch, with muffins from the freezer.

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Muffins in the freezer are like the school lunch packing pot of gold! If you have your main item already made and in the freezer, you can feel like a superhero who packs lunch in record time. 

For this lunch they have my mini pancake muffins - just pancake batter, poured in muffin cups, with a little fruit on top. Three have raspberry and blueberry muffins, one just has plain because she doesn't like fruit in her muffins. For protein, two have bites of roasted turkey breast, one has almonds, and one has peanut butter. On the side they all have cheese, strawberries, and sliced Asian pear. 

Make school lunch packing easy with muffins from the freezer! from