Burritos for school lunch

Simple burritos are one of my favorite things to make for school lunch. I like that they are easy to make and easy to eat. 

school lunch from www.whatlisacooks.com

Burritos may just be the perfect meal - you can put anything you want in them, you can eat them with one hand, and you can eat them basically anywhere. I like packing them for lunch, and I think they are especially great for field trips. I make them on the weekends a lot for our ski lunches in the winter - you pack a really hearty meal in a handy package. 

Two of these have just refried beans and cheese. I lay out the tortilla - the biggest ones I can find - spread out some cold refried beans and shredded cheese, and warm it in the microwave just enough to melt the cheese. Then I roll it up. I always let them fully cool before putting them in the lunch box, that way the tortilla does not get soggy. 

One of these - the one with the toothpick - also has chicken. I put the toothpick in as soon as I made it, so I knew which one it was. 

I added a little extra protein on the side - two have turkey and two have cheese. Everyone has some fruit, and three have cheese crackers.

One of these lunches is not like the others though. I think this was a case of having just enough of the little muffins left for one lunch. So one child got muffins and yogurt instead of the burrito. Everybody wins!

These are packed in EasyLunchboxes, and I use silicone muffin cups for perfect sized dividers.