School lunch day 4


My oldest daughter (now 8!!) revealed to me the other day that she LOVED tuna.  Well, ok then.  I did not know this. So tuna it is. When a child tells me they like a food, I jump at that chance, so tuna has been on my list since school started last week.

My menu plan says that one day a week I do a "lunchable" type thing, on Tuesdays.  Which to me means basically crackers, with some protein and stuff.  So today the protein is tuna. My kids seem to do best when they have plenty of protein, so I try to make the protein the main part of the meal if I can.

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School Lunches 2014, week 1 - we're off and running!

School Lunches 2014, week 1 - we're off and running!

One of my goals for this year is to do a better job of regularly posting our school lunches.  I am planning on doing a weekly post with the lunches for each week.  So keep me honest - if you haven't seen them, feel free to pester me!  Last week was a short week with just 2 kids in school, so just a few lunches to share with you.  

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School Lunches: week 4

Last week was not the most exciting week of school lunches around here.  We just had two kids turn 6, so a weekend of birthday fun and grandma visiting, and a couple of us had colds on top of that, the one with asthma keeping me up at night.  I really was feeling crummy all week, so I couldn't bring myself to be too creative with the lunches.  But I have not yet resorted to letting them buy it at school - even though my now 6 year old daughter is begging me to let her buy lunch.  For some reason she thinks it would be really cool.  I'll probably let her do it occasionally as a treat, they publish the school menu online, so I'll pick a day when I think the choices look reasonably healthy. Anyway, here's what I managed to pull together last week, honestly I guess not all that bad now that I'm looking back at them.

Monday: sunbutter & jelly sandwiches, homemade plum & pear sauce, cheese, apples, water.



Tuesday:  Sunbutter sandwiches again.  But at least this time I managed to find the energy to make some bread, so these were on freshly baked 100% whole wheat bread.  A zucchini oatmeal raisin cookie (I keep these in the freezer), banana, cheese.



Wednesday: breakfast for lunch day!  All four had the same, but I only took a quick photo of one.  Overnight slow cooker oatmeal (I'll post the recipe later in the week), a vegan whole wheat pancake, banana, and smoothie in the thermos.  The cup sitting next to the lunch box was my little taste of the smoothie - coconut water, coconut milk, banana, strawberries, oranges, purple cabbage, ground flax.


Thursday lunch was made by grandma, so I got a break.

Friday: I was exhausted from the cold and planning a 6 year old birthday party for the weekend, but I was trying really hard to not give them the same sandwich again.  Wheat cinnamon raison bagel from the freezer (2 of them had cream cheese, 2 of them don't like it), cheese, wheat chex, yogurt covered raisins, and a few kiwi berries.  I also sent them some milk in their insulated cups.


School Lunches: Week 1

Yes!  They are in school! (should I feel guilty for being so excited about that?) My oldest two started kindergarten this week.  I have gotten so much more accomplished around the house this week while having "just" one set of twins at home.  Next week the other two start preschool - and I'll be making lunches for four! I really am going to try to keep up with posting the school lunches this year - please keep me honest if much time goes by and I haven't shared!

Day 1: Pasta with peas (one has sesame soy noodles, the other has organic mac & cheese - both were leftovers and I had one serving of each.  And it happens to be each of their favorite foods!), plus pumpkin seeds, dried apple slices and a zucchini oatmeal raisin cookie.  And of course a first day of school note from mom.  and water to drink.


Day 2: one has leftover cheese pizza on wheat crust, the other has a avocado & cheese quesadilla.  Plus mini tomatoes, and a dried fruit mix.


Day 3: by request: Sunflower seed butter & jam sandwich (homemade summer fruit jam), sliced apples, wheat & rice chex.


If you're interested in the containers we use:

These are the water bottles (love them!  they do not leak!)

These are the lunch containers

And these are the bags