Melon, Orange, Banana green smoothie

I am trying to get back to my daily green smoothie habit.  It makes such a difference in my day - I know that I have so much more energy throughout the day if I start out with a green smoothie for breakfast.  I don't have one set recipe I follow, it's just usually a combination of whatever fresh or frozen fruit I have on hand, something green (I really like kale in them; broccoli gives a surprising creaminess), and a little extra liquid (water, coconut milk, sometimes some brewed green tea).  Sometimes I add a little honey for sweetness.  Sometimes I add ground flax, or chia seeds.  Occasionally I will add a little protein powder if I'm feeling like I need a little more of a start to the day. 

Today's was a simple one:

Two kinds of melon - canteloupe and a mystery green melon - diced leftover from dinner last night

Two whole oranges, peeled and cut a little

Two very ripe bananas

One head of broccoli

A little water

Blended in my Vitamix until very smooth.