Lemon ZUCCHINI Bread

I just made this lemon zucchini bread recipe so I wanted to share it here with you. This isn’t my own recipe, so I won’t include the recipe here, but you can scroll down to the link to the original recipe for all the details.


As I say every time I share something, I think all recipes are open for interpretation and flexibility.

This is a great recipe but of course I had to make a few tweaks because that’s just how I cook.

Her original recipe calls for light olive oil. This just isn’t something I ever use or buy, so I didn’t have any. I normally might have substituted vegetable oil, but I was out of that too, so I substituted melted butter. And honestly I’m generally always of the mind that everything is better with butter anyway, so why not. When you add melted butter to a mixture of sugar and eggs just be sure to add it very slowly so that the hot butter doesn’t cook your eggs.

The second change I made was in the quantity of lemon juice. The recipe actually only calls for one tablespoon of lemon juice for two full loaves of bread, which really didn’t sound like enough to me. If I’m going to make lemon bread then I want it to taste really lemony. So I increased this to three tablespoons. If you were using green zucchini you probably would want to squeeze out a bit of the water in order to account for this slightly increased liquid.

But I didn’t bother with that because the third change I made was that I used yellow summer squash for this instead of green zucchini. I usually find that the yellow squash are slightly less watery than the green, so I think the changed worked just fine with the extra lemon juice. I like using the yellow squash because then the bread is more yellow, rather than having flecks of green, which frankly my kids might have turned their noses up at.

After those three changes, I followed this recipe exactly as is, and these loaves turned out amazing. We are devouring them as fast as I can slice!

Click here to get the recipe.