School Lunch Day 21: Tortilla Wraps

school lunch - tortilla wraps |

The Lunch Idea:

This was a quick and easy lunch! A wrap is really just another way to make a sandwich, and then not call it a sandwich.  But really it's anything you would put in a sandwich, just rolled in a tortilla instead. Another way to take something otherwise ordinary, and present it a little differently. 

What's in the Lunch:

  • The Wrap: Flour tortilla, cheddar cheese.  Two have mayo, turkey, and lettuce.  One has avocado and lettuce. One has refried beans. OK, you could call that last one a burrito, but it's cold, and the cheese isn't melted.  That child won't eat turkey. Or avocado. And I thought just cheese sounded boring. But it's ok, she didn't end up eating that anyway either. 
  • Veggies: carrots & tomatoes
  • Fruit: sliced apples
  • Extra: apple bread. 

Tips & Questions:

  • I warm the tortillas for a few seconds in the microwave.  They roll and fold much better and are less likely to break. 
  • I wrap them in plastic wrap after rolling, and then cut in half.  They stay together after cutting much better that way. 
  • The apple bread recipe is coming real soon. I promise!

No fancy tools or containers used in this lunch - just our trusty EasyLunchboxes!

school lunch - tortilla wraps |