School Lunch Day 29: snack box with gluten free crackers

The Lunch Idea:

I like routine, and for me that includes following a meal plan.  For lunch I just follow a schedule that helps keep me on track.  And according to that schedule, Tuesday is "lunchables" day, or what I loosely define as just a snack box - crackers and other little things to nibble one. I usually just start by filling the box with little containers, and filling the containers until I've got what I think is a balanced meal.  This week I went with a gluten free cracker, not because I had to, but because we love these crackers.  They are made by Milton's and we get them at Costco.  They are crunchy and salty - just what crackers should be.  

What's in the lunch:

  • Milton's gluten free crackers
  • Protein: cheese, two have ham, one has peanut butter.
  • Veggie: carrots, and one has some sweet peppers. 
  • Fruit: apples
  • Treat: three have bunny grahams, one has a few little lemonade cookies

Questions & Tips:

  • Our school is not nut free, so I can send peanut butter whenever I want.  But sunbutter works well too.
  • Cutting carrots in little rounds like this is just an easy way to present them differently.  Also, this way is great if you have a kid with a loose tooth.  Biting off a chunk of carrot is hard with no front teeth - so these can just be popped in the mouth.  Bite sized carrots!
  • If you want to know how I slice the apples like this, watch this video
easy school lunch from snack box with gluten free crackers