School Lunch Day 28: two leftovers, two from the freezer

Easy school lunch idea from - use what you have in the fridge and freezer.
Make lunch easy: pack ahead for several days at a time.  From

I was quite pleased with myself on Sunday.  I made two days worth of lunches for all 6 of us, plus a snack for my boy.  They were easy lunches to pack, and I figured I had all the stuff out already, so I just went for it.  The adults lunches for me and my husband were just leftovers, so that's easy.  Details below on one of the kids lunches, and the other one will be posted tomorrow.

The snack you see here was just ham, apple, blueberries, and some Milton's gluten free crackers (I get them at Costco, and they are soooo good!  I don't even buy them because they are gluten free, I buy them because they taste great!). 

Links to the containers are below.

I talk all the time about packing lunch the night before - but have you ever tried packing more than one day's lunch at a time?  It's certainly not twice the work, and getting to skip a day of lunch packing is almost like a little mom vacation.  What ever will you do with your extra 10 minutes?  Have another cup of coffee, or a glass of wine.  You've earned it!

The Lunch Idea:

This is a Monday lunch, which sometimes ends up being a little of this and a little of that.  Monday is a good time to clean out the fridge a little. One child didn't eat her grilled cheese sandwich from a Saturday restaurant outing, so I cut it in pieces and stuck on skewers for two to share.  The other two were just as easy - pizza rolls pulled from the freezer.

What's in the lunch:  

  • Two have leftover grilled cheese sandwich
  • Two have my pizza rolls, these had a little browned ground beef added.
  • Veggies: carrots, tomatoes or sweet red peppers
  • Fruit: grapes, blueberries, and one has some dried banana.  
  • They all have some roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Tips and questions:

  • The pizza rolls were from the freezer.  If you pack ahead, you can pack these frozen. They are thawed and ready to each by lunch the next day.
  • I put the sandwich pieces on a skewer.  It holds them together nicely and keeps the lunchbox looking tidy.  Also: food on sticks! Fun!


Easy school lunch idea from - use what you have in the fridge and freezer.