School Lunch Day 26: Easy Quesadillas

Easy school lunch idea: make quesadillas the night before.

The Lunch Idea:

Quesadillas are just one of those lunches that I keep in my back pocket for days when I want something easy that I know they will eat.  Tortilla and melted cheese, what's not to love? They keep great and reheat great and hold together great and are easy to eat. They really are one of life's perfect foods.  There's one little piece leftover that didn't fit in a lunch, and I've got my eye on it!

What's in the Lunch: 

  • Quesadillas: flour tortilla, shredded jack & cheddar cheeses, and two have turkey.
  • Tomatoes, and one has carrots
  • Grapes
  • A few Bunny Graham cookies

Questions & Tips:

  • I make these the night before and they are eaten at room temp. I think they taste great that way.
  • Usually when I am making quesadillas ahead I try to do them on a grill pan on the stove. You can just as easily do them in the microwave.  But I find that if you grill them and get them a little crispy, then they stay nicer the next day.  When they are just melted in the microwave the tortilla tends to get a little doughy the next day. No oil on the pan, just a good flat griddle or flat frying pan, heat the tortilla, add cheese, let it melt a little, and flip over.  Cook until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is a little brown and crispy. 

These lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes.  The little pink cups came from Ikea. 

I wrap the quesadilla in a piece of parchment "patty paper", it helps absorb any excess oil or moisture. 

easy school lunch idea from - quesadillas made the night before school.