School Lunch Day 24 - simple snack box (aka "lunchable") with pretzels

easy school lunch idea - a homemade lunchable with pretzels and a cookie |

The Lunch Idea:

One day a week I like to do something like a "lunchable". To me, this term has come to be a generic sort of description for a snack box with lots of little bites of things. It sort of starts with a cheese & cracker type of idea, but evolves from there.  Basically, I fill my EasyLunchboxes with these square silicone muffin cups to divide the big section into four small sections, and then I just look around and start filling.  A little protein, a little carb, a little fruit, a little veggie, and before we know it, we have a lunch.  Stick a few cute picks in to make it fun, and I'm done. This is an easy lunch to pack in a hurry. 

What's In the Lunch:

  • Pretzels
  • Cheese: two have a babybel, one has some Applegate organic american cheese.  The fourth child informed me that if I put cheese in her lunch, she would not be eating it.  So she got extra veggies instead (which is ok, because this is my constipated child, and frankly celery will help her better than cheese will). 
  • Two have almonds
  • Two have turkey
  • Veggie: carrots, and one has celery
  • Fruit: grapes and apples
  • Treat: homemade lemonade cookies. (here is the recipe)

Questions & Tips:

  • The carrots are just whole peeled carrots that I quickly sliced into rounds.  
  • The turkey looks fancy but all I did was take a couple of slices, roll them tightly, and slice, and then secured with a pick. 
  • I am trying to remember to put notes in the lunch.  My kids LOVE it when I do, and it really only takes a few seconds to write each one. 


easy school lunch idea - a homemade lunchable with pretzels and a cookie |