School Lunch Day 23: Leftover Pizza + Banana Muffin

Another easy school lunch idea from

The Lunch Idea:

Leftover pizza hardly needs a reason.  When we make or order pizza, we always get extra.  I think leftover pizza should be its own food group. Having leftover pizza just makes Monday seem so much better. Well, for me anyway.  It's the easiest lunch to pack. 

For lunch, I cut off the crust and cut the pizza in strips.  They just eat it faster this way.

And - would you believe, this is actually the first time I've baked something in these silicon muffin cups.  They worked great.  I just sat them on a cookie sheet. 

What's In The Lunch: 

  • Leftover cheese pizza
  • Yogurt covered raisins and almonds
  • Fruit - oranges or apples
  • Veggie: carrots
  • Treat: a chocolate chip banana muffin.  (recipe coming very soon.  I promise!)

Tips & Questions:

  • I think kids can eat better and faster at lunch if you cut the food into small pieces.  They have so little time, so I think it's important to make the food as accessible as possible. 
  • They will eat this at room temp.
  • Nuts are allowed in our school, but you could easily do this exact same lunch without the yogurt almonds. 
  • Don't waste your money on those bags of so-called "baby" carrots.  This is just two whole carrots, it took me about a minute to cut them up. 

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Another easy school lunch idea from