School lunch day 4


My oldest daughter (now 8!!) revealed to me the other day that she LOVED tuna.  Well, ok then.  I did not know this. So tuna it is. When a child tells me they like a food, I jump at that chance, so tuna has been on my list since school started last week.

My menu plan says that one day a week I do a "lunchable" type thing, on Tuesdays.  Which to me means basically crackers, with some protein and stuff.  So today the protein is tuna. My kids seem to do best when they have plenty of protein, so I try to make the protein the main part of the meal if I can.

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You Can Make This EASY Valentine's Themed Lunch


You might look at this and think that it looks so fancy that it's something you will never actually do, but I'm telling you it's not.  These are very basic ingredients and prepared with very simple tools.  All you need is a little heart cookie cutter, some skewers or toothpicks, and some muffin papers or cups. 

My lunches are all made in these lunch boxes

How I made it: 

  • Skewers of grape tomatoes and cheddar cheese.  The cheese is just cut with a heart cookie cutter.  The tomatoes are sliced in half slightly diagonally and put back together (see below).
  • Paper valentine's muffin cups that I got at the grocery store.
  • Thick sliced salami with hearts cut out - using the same heart cutter as the cheese.
  • A babybel cheese with a heart cut out of the wax, also using the same heart cutter.
  • One slice of carrot, cut with the heart cutter. 
  • A variety of fresh berries - they are such pretty colors!
  • A few little yogurt covered star cookies, in a silicon muffin cup - The cups are from Ikea. 

Catching up on 2014 school lunches

The holidays really throw my routine out the window.  In November and December the school lunches were made, and the photos were taken, but I didn't get around to blogging them for you.  So here you are, a catch up of several weeks of school lunches. 

Remember, the food itself doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Just take an extra minute to present the meal in a fun way, and it will seem so much more appealing. If you look at the contents of these lunches, most of them do not contain anything really revolutionary, just normal kid lunch stuff presented in an appealing and organized way.  I try to make sure the lunch is balanced with a protein, a fruit and a veggie (although looking back at some of these pics, I see I haven't done so great with the veggie - something to work on in 2015!).

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