School Lunch Day 31: Pumpkin Quesadillas!

Easy Halloween School Lunch - pumpkin shaped quesadillas - from

The Lunch Idea:

I'm trying to get my Halloween on!  This is actually the first time this year that I've broken out any of my cutters. I got a big pumpkin shaped cookie cutter at the grocery store last month, and it's the perfect size for the lunch box. That, along with a few letter cutters just pressed part way into the quesadilla, and I had a Halloween lunch done in about 5 minutes.

This is a rare lunch where all four kids have all the exact same foods, I just varied the quantity a little.  The littlest one has two quesadillas.  The biggest one has four.  The two in the middle have three. 

Easy Halloween Pumpkin School Lunch idea from

What's in the Lunch:

  • Cheese quesadilla - just a flour tortilla and shredded cheese, heated in the microwave for about a minute
  • Tomatoes
  • Half an apple.
  • Bunny Grahams.

Tips and Questions:

  • Whenever I pack something cut out in the lunch, somebody always asks what I do with the scraps.  Well that's an easy one: I eat them!  That's actually what I had for breakfast today.
  • I often prefer to cook quesadillas in a pan to get them a little crispy. But they are easier to cut when they are not crispy, so cooking in the microwave is better if I want the tortilla to stay soft. 
  • To make the "BOO" I just used some mini letter cutters and pushed them in just far enough to make a mark, but not take anything out. 
  • I don't do anything to keep the apple from turning brown.  You can read more about that here. 
Easy Halloween Pumpkin School Lunch Idea from