School Lunch Day 32: Halloween!

Easy Halloween School Lunch Idea from

The Lunch Idea:

With no advance planning, I am just trying at the last minute to throw a little last bit of Halloween into the lunches.  Pumpkin shaped sandwiches with my pumpkin cookie cutter and a few picks for eyes. The little oranges that look like little pumpkins. And the Halloween wrappers on the cheese make it easy.  

Easy Halloween school lunch idea from

Have you ever seen me put a chocolate chip cookie in a lunch? I think this is a first.  They'll be shocked! I thought a little treat was in order.

This lunch has it all: dairy, gluten, nuts, chocolate.  Sorry. 

What's in the lunch: 

  • Sandwiches: three are peanut butter and homemade grape jam.  One child lately has decided that she hates peanut butter and jelly, so she has ham and cheese. 
  • A little orange
  • Almonds and dried apricots
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate chip cookie


Sandwich cutting tip from
  • When you are cutting a sandwich in a shape, try cutting the pieces separately and then putting the sandwich together.  It's much less messy this way, and your bread doesn't get torn apart. 
  • A little napkin on the bottom just helps add color, and make keeps things in place a little. 
  • Whenever I cut anything in shapes, people ask what I do with the scraps!  Often, I eat the scraps, or one of the kids does.  When it's just bread, like today because I cut the bread first, then I save it to make bread crumbs.  I have a bag in my freezer of bread scraps.  I just toss them in there, and next time I need bread crumbs for a recipe I just throw a handful of scraps in the food processor.  Homemade breadcrumbs are so easy, and so much better than store bought. 
Easy Halloween school lunch idea from