School Lunch Day 37: Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

The Lunch Idea:

This was a Friday lunch. One of those Fridays when I was feeling done for the week and I hadn't mustered the energy to pack it a head of time. Toasted cheese sandwiches are such an easy fallback for those days.  Literally, place sliced cheese on bread, and place in toaster oven until melted, and smush together. I can even do this at 6am when I am only half awake. 

I have a meal plan that includes a weekly schedule for lunch ideas, and Friday is sandwich day for a reason.  Because sandwiches are easy and fast and don't require much thought, which is exactly what I need at the end of the week.  

What's in the lunches:

  • Toasted cheese sandwiches: cheddar cheese on toasted multi-grain bread
  • Veggies: tomatoes and seaweed snacks
  • Fruit: apples
  • Treat: chocolate bunny graham cookies

Questions and tips: