School Lunch Day 36: Burritos

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Just two lunches for Thursday.  I kept two home from school, due to this situation (the same teacher mentioned here was substituting in my kinders classroom, and I declined to send any of my children to a classroom where she was teaching).  So, they got a day off, which they seemed to be very much needing anyway.  Going from half day pre-k to full day kindergarten has been harder than we thought it would be, for one of them anyway. She was exhausted, so we took this opportunity to give her a rest day.

Anyway - so two lunches...

The Lunch Idea:

Burritos are an great way to pack a filling lunch in an easy to eat package that can be held in one hand and eaten pretty quickly. I try to think of things that can be eaten quickly and easily, as I am sure you are well aware that most schools have a pretty limited amount of time for lunch. I also try to pack things that aren't super messy, and when rolled tightly and not over filled, burritos can be eaten with very little mess.  It's one of the few things that all of my kids love. We have some form of "taco tuesday" every week, so it's even easier to make burritos when you already have leftover refried beans and taco meat in your fridge. 

What's in the lunch: 

  • Burrito: flour tortilla, refried beans, browned ground beef, shredded cheese.
  • Yogurt
  • Tomatoes
  • A little clementine orange

Questions and Tips:

  • The burritos are eaten at room temperature.  I think they're great that way, and my kids have never objected.
  • To make the burritos: Put a tortilla on a plate, but a few spoonfuls of refried beans and a little taco meat, and top with a handful of shredded cheese. The real trick with burritos is to not fill them too full.  You really need to put less in than you might like, but if you over fill it then it won't roll up nicely.  I heat it in the microwave before rolling - in my microwave it takes about 1:30 to get the cheese melted.  Then fold two sides in, and roll.  It just takes a little practice.  Let the cool before putting in the lunch box. 
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