16 Lunches and one snack - packed up and ready to go!

16 lunches packed and ready to go - by WhatLisaCooks.com

Look at what I have just done!  16 lunches packed in about a half an hour.  And one bonus snack. 

On Sundays I am trying to clean out my fridge, and pack up any remaining leftovers for lunches on Monday.  Mondays are full days and I am finding that I run out of time and energy to pack Tuesday's lunches and I haven't been getting them packed ahead of time. So if I can get Tuesday's lunch packed on Sunday then it makes my Tuesday morning much easier.  And this Tuesday we have an all school rollerskating field trip, and I made the mistake of promising the kids that I would try to come on all of their field trips this year. After that I'll probably be drinking instead of packing lunches, so I figured I should just go ahead and pack Wednesday's lunches as well.

Now I don't have to pack a lunch again until Thursday! Once you've got it all out of the fridge, it really doesn't take much more time to pack for another day or two. 

I'll post each of the kids lunches separately each day this week, with full details on the contents.  So for now you can just guess.  ;-)

In the adult lunches: the two red containers are for my husband.  He has access to a microwave for re-heating, so I send him with the leftovers that are better heated up.  One day he has leftover Loco Moco (a Hawaiian dish of rice, meat, and gravy, with a little soy sauce). The second lunch is brown rice, broccoli that was sautéed and tossed with pesto, and a sliced poached chicken breast with a little extra pesto on top. 

My two lunches will be cold, since I'll be at school with the kids. One is angel hair pasta noodles with sesame oil and soy sauce, a chopped up leftover salmon burger, tomatoes, and furikake (a Japanese seasoning of seaweed, sesame seeds, and salt); with almonds and raspberries on the side.  The other is a pesto chicken salad - just a poached chicken breast, cut up and mixed with equal parts mayo and pesto - on top of some shredded lettuce, with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on the side.