School Lunch Day 35: Mini muffins

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My kids have an obsession with muffins.  Every time I make them, they disappear faster than I can even keep track of.  I made 3 dozen of these mini chocolate chip banana muffins, and I seriously have to protect them in order to have enough left to pack for lunch!  I keep thinking that I'm making a big batch of muffins so I can put some in the freezer, but since I've been making this recipe, they haven't lasted long enough to even make it to the freezer. 

The Lunch Idea:

Wednesday is our breakfast for lunch day, and muffins make such a perfect and easy breakfast for lunch.  Even though this recipe has chocolate chips, it's still healthy enough that I think it's a great lunch choice.  With whole wheat flour, plenty of fruit, and no refined sugar, it's a great balance of sweet enough for them and healthy enough for me.  I love having this kind of thing made for lunch. Paired with a little fruit and a little protein, it's an easy lunch. 

What's in the lunch: 

Questions and Tips:

  • If you can manage to make enough that your kids leave some for the freezer... muffins are an awesome thing to make ahead and keep in your freezer stash.  Just pull out a few the night before and toss them in the lunch box, they are the ultimate easy lunch. 
  • People ask me a lot about how I keep the lunch looking nice after they've tossed it around. Little bamboo skewers are my secret weapon.  Just shove one through whatever you are packing, and they do a great job of holding it all in place.  We eat with our eyes too, so any easy little things you can do to keep the lunch looking good are going to help them want to eat it. 
Easy and fun school lunch idea from - breakfast for lunch with mini banana chocolate chip muffins (easy recipe included).