School Lunch Day 34: Sandwich Shapes

Easy school lunch idea - sandwiches in fun shapes!

The Lunch Idea:

Well, this was not my original idea.  Usually on Tuesday I like to do some kind of lunchable or snack box.  But I went to make lunches last night, and found myself without crackers.  I'm not sure how that happened, because I'm usually pretty on top of my inventory, but oh well. Sandwiches are always an easy backup. That's one of the reason why I try not to do them too often, so that they do still seem like a new lunch when I do need to pull out my backup plan.  I got out some of my fun sandwich cutters to make them into fun shapes - so there really is never just an 'ordinary' sandwich around here.

What's in the Lunch:

  • Three have peanut butter and homemade grape jam.  One has turkey and mayo.
  • Veggies: carrot sticks and tomatoes
  • Fruit: Apples
  • Treat: graham crackers.

Questions and tips:

  • Sandwich cutters are such a quick and easy way to make a sandwich into something fun.  Three of these are sandwich cutters, and one (the heart) is just a big cookie cutter
  • My kids never eat the crust anyway, so the amount cut off isn't really any more waste than what they would leave behind in the lunch box anyway. For the PB&J, I made the sandwich and then cut it, so those scraps just get snacked on by me, or go in the compost.  For the turkey sandwich I cut the bread and meat before assembling, so the bread scraps go in a bag in the freezer, to be used for bread crumbs.  The meat scraps go back in the fridge and will be used in a quesadilla or maybe some scrambled eggs. 
  • Stick a few cute bento picks in the sandwiches, and your ordinary lunch is transformed! 

Products Used in this Lunch:

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