Day 2 of school lunch

Day 2! Only 178 more to go.  Ouch. I don't think I can do that countdown, that makes it sound overwhelming. Day 1 was a success, three kids at most of their lunch.  The fourth one said she didn't have time (I've heard that line before. I don't buy it. Her sister, in the same class with the same time for lunch, at most of hers.), and came home starving and asked for a banana, applesauce, chocolate milk, and a smoothie.  I obliged with 2 out of the four.

My kids are still young enough that they get snack during the school day, provided each week by parents.  I found out today that the second grade teacher lets them finish their lunch in class. During afternoon snack time, they can either choose the provided snack, or they can choose to finish their lunch.  I LOVE this!  My second graders both chose to finish their lunch.  Winner!

So - on to the day 2 lunch...

What was I thinking:

Day 2 of school is not a time to throw anybody any curve balls.  I will stick with favorites and things I know they will eat, so we can make sure we get through the day with full tummies. I try to do sandwiches only one day a week, it forces me to maintain some variety, and Friday is usually the day, but cutting it in a fun shape is a super simple way to make an ordinary sandwich seem a little special.  On this second day of school I want to make sure they are feeling the love!

What's in it:

  • Sandwich: grilled cheese on white bread from a local bakery.  Cheddar and jack cheeses, and two have ham.
  • Veggie: tomatoes from the garden, and one has a few slices of cucumber because she is obsessed with them.
  • Fruit: apples
  • Extra: a few chocolate bunny grahams

Lunch Tips:

  • I make my grilled cheese sandwiches with mayo on the outside of the bread.  It makes them extra crispy, which is especially nice when you are making them ahead.
  • These sandwiches were cut with a big heart shaped cookie cutter. 
  • The colored picks in the sandwiches add a little fun - but they also serve a practical purpose. When I make the lunches ahead, and am quickly putting lids on things, it is helpful for me to not have to look inside each sandwich to see what the contents are, to make sure I put it in the right lunch box.  The colored pick helps me know which lunch goes in which kid's lunch box - each child has a favorite color, so it's easy for me to keep them separate.

Questions, because I know somebody is going to ask:

  • How do I keep the apples from turning brown: I don't do anything other than cut them with a really sharp knife. I have experimented a bit and have found that the sharpness of the knife does make a difference. 
  • Do my kids eat this typically hot food when it's not hot: yes, they do.  Most of my kids lunches are eaten at room temperature. Honestly, do most kids ever actually eat their food while it's still hot?  Mine don't.

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