School lunch day 3 - and a birthday!

Monday, Monday.  But not just any Monday here, because today we have a birthday!  My oldest two are 8 years old today.  I don't even want to talk about it.  Time is going too fast.

Day 3 of school lunch.

What was I thinking:

Easy, that's what! For Monday lunches I like to keep it quick and easy.  Come heck or high water, I am determined to make these lunches the night before. I'm usually pretty tired on Sunday night.  After a full weekend, I want to just throw the lunches together and fall into bed.  These corndog muffins were just pulled out of the freezer and popped in the box. I made chili and cornbread for dinner the day before, so I just made a double batch of the cornbread batter, and cooked up some super easy corndog muffins at the same time.  A mini muffin pan and a small piece of hot dog, and they are perfect bite size morsels.  I've got enough still in the freezer for two more lunches.  I also made a bunch of extra just plain cornbread muffins, so we got plenty extra of those for a side with another soup or chili dinner.

What's in it:

  • Main: Corndog muffins with ketchup for dipping, and a little skewer of cheese bites.
  • Veggie: tomatoes, one has carrots
  • Fruit: strawberries
  • Extra: a few Annie's lemon drop cookies.

Lunch tips and questions:

  • Whatever you are cooking - make extra and freeze it!  If you keep your freezer stocked with things that are already made and can just be popped in the lunch box the night before, your lunch packing problems will be solved. 
  • I like to use silicone cups and other things to keep the lunch tidy and organized.  If everything is packed tightly, then it will stay looking nice even if they throw it around. I am liking these heart shaped cups that I recently got, not only because they are cute, but because their shape lends nicely for putting in a corner of the box. I also used some burger patty papers to keep the muffins together.  They are nice little squares of parchment paper that are a perfect size for this use.
  • We do not warm up these lunches.  These will be eaten at room temperature. 

Products I used:

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