School lunch day 5 - it's breakfast for lunch day!

Wednesday is our favorite lunch day of the week - because this is the day we do breakfast for lunch. It's pretty much always a popular one with the kids, and it's a fun one for me.

The lunch idea:

Pancake sandwiches are so easy and fun to make.  Every Sunday I make a big family breakfast, and usually include either pancakes or waffles.  I always make extra, because they freeze great and they are great for quick weekday breakfasts or school lunches.  I usually make some with blueberries or other fruit, and some plain.  For a pancake sandwich, just spread a cold pancake with your favorite filling, and smush it together.  

For the pancake recipe - I use the basic recipe in Mark Bittman's cookbook How To Cook Everything.  If you only own one cookbook, this should be the one.  He really does tell you how to cook everything. 

What's in the box:

  • Main: pancake sandwiches.  Two have plain pancakes, two have blueberry pancakes.  Two are filled with whipped cream, and two have cream cheese.
  • Fruit on the side is half a banana and a strawberry.
  • They have a cheese and a few almonds for extra protein.
  • And they have some rice chex and a few yogurt covered cookies for a little something extra.

Tips and questions:

  • I like to cut things in smaller pieces, as it makes it easier for little kids to eat.  These are medium sized pancakes, probably about 4 inches, and the sandwiches are cut in quarters. I put a little sheet of parchment patty paper around them to keep them from sliding around in the box. 
  • Someone always asks about the banana, does it turn brown? It's never been a problem for us.  The cut ends might get a little brown, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone. I cut a slit down one side to make it easy for them to peel.
  • It takes just a few seconds to make the hearts on the cheese, but doesn't it look so cute?  I used these mini cutters to make the hearts.  

Products I used: