School lunch day 6 - making leftovers fun!

I am a big, big fan of leftovers.  I don't think I have ever cooked a meal where there was just enough for that meal.  While it may be something I enjoy, and it is a labor of love for me - let's be honest, cooking can be a lot of work!  So I figure if I am going to do all that work, I am going to make the most of my time and effort.  So I always cook extra, and I always try to have an idea for another meal out of what I have cooked. 

The Lunch Idea: 

Sunday night we had burgers for dinner - as requested by one of the birthday kids. I cooked several extra burgers and saved them in the fridge.  For today's lunch, I just cut a couple of those cheeseburgers into bite sized pieces, and slipped them onto bamboo skewers with a few super sweet cherry tomatoes from the  garden. On the side they have a cucumber, applesauce, and grapes. So. easy.

One of these things is not like the others:

Yes, I have a picky child. Surprised?  This child does not eat meat and she does not eat tomatoes.  I don't always cater to each child, and I try most days to make all the lunches the same and encourage them to try everything.  But if I am packing a lunch that is filled with foods that I know one of them is not going to eat, then I will accommodate, because my first priority is that they get some food in to get them through the day. So instead of burgers and tomatoes, she got cucumber and carrot sticks, cheese cubes, and sunbutter to dip her carrots in. 

This lunch is nut free, gluten free, and grain free.

What's in the lunch:

  • Cheeseburger bites - grassfed beef burgers, seasoned with salt & pepper, cheddar cheese
  • A spear of cucumber from the garden
  • Homemade applesauce
  • Black seedless grapes. 

Questions & Tips:

  • This lunch (and basically all of my lunches) will be eaten at room temp.  We do not reheat, and my kids are generally used to it. 
  • I love doing lunches on skewers.  They seem to eat faster when they have bite sized pieces, and the skewers just help keep those bites looking a little tidier and more manageable in the box

Products I used: 

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