School Lunch Day 74: Bagel & Cheese Skewers

This may be one of the quickest and easiest packed school lunches I have ever thrown together. 

I was so tired when I made this lunch that I can honestly tell you that I don't even remember what day of the week it was. My calendar tells me that this is the lunch I packed for three kids who where going to school on the day after one came home from the hospital. So ok, we'll go with that. Because it's all a blur. 

These are just mini bagels, cut in half, with nothing on them. Two kids have a couple of bamboo skewers with cheese and tomatoes, and i added ham to one. The third doesn't like that kind of cheese or tomatoes, so she got a wedge of different cheese and a container of peanut butter. On the side they have apples, oranges, and seaweed snacks. 

This was really quick and simple. I know the skewers make it look a little fancy, but really that's not why I do it. I do it for two reasons: 1) bite size pieces are just quicker and easier for kids to eat. I've found over and over again that if I cut the food up a little more, then they eat more of it. And 2) sticking those bites on a skewer just keeps it all from turning into a jumbled up mess in the lunch box. Skewers are one of my number one tricks for keeping the lunches looking nice!