School Lunch Day 75: Corn Dog Muffins

Another easy school lunch that I packed really quickly by pulling ready made items from my freezer!

I love, love, love the days that I can just pull something out of the freezer to throw in the lunch box. If you take a little time every couple of weeks to make a bunch extra of something and throw it in your freezer, then you will be patting yourself on the back when it comes time to make school lunch. 

These are my corndog muffins. I don't really care if my kids like them (just kidding!) - I think they are the best! I think this is kid food at it's finest - I have such fond memories of eating corn dogs at the county fair as a kid. These bring back all those flavors, but in a much healthier package, with homemade cornbread and organic hotdogs. You can find my recipe here. 

Along with the corndogs, they all have a little container with ketchup to dip in, some apple bites, goldfish crackers, and three have tomatoes and one has carrots. I stuck a few little bento picks in there, just for fun.