School Lunch Day 79: Fun Sandwich Shapes

Q: When is a sandwich not just a sandwich?

A: When you make it a little more fun!

Sandwiches for lunch - from

All of my talk about making lunches ahead of time, but sometimes even I fail at that. Due to an unplanned and messy situation involving a new (very sharp!) kitchen knife and a clumsy tired momma (yeah, that would be me), my evening plans went out the window while I instead tried not to pass out from the sight of my own blood. 

So, the next morning, with one very bandaged up finger, I realized the best I could do was sandwiches and goldfish. But even basic sandwiches and goldfish don't have to be boring! All you need is some fun shape cutters to make a sandwich into something much more fun. 

Peanut butter & jam on whole wheat bread, with a few raspberries and grapes tossed in. A blue paper napkin helps make the shape of the sandwiches pop. On the side they have goldfish, cheese, a piece of a homemade fruit rollup, and a mini banana muffin that I found in the freezer. 

Some of the stuff I used in this lunch: