School Lunch Day 78: Pancake Sandwiches

Breakfasts for lunch are my favorite easy school lunches to pack!

Pancake Sandwiches for School lunch - from

This is one of our favorites - pancake sandwiches! I always (always!) make extra pancakes. Whether you use a pancake mix from the store or you make your own from scratch, just mix up a little extra so you can be sure to have leftover pancakes. You won't regret it. They keep in the fridge for a week or so, they are awesome to warm up for a quick school day breakfast, and they freeze great if you want to keep them longer than a week. 

I make my own from scratch, which I love doing because I like knowing that I can control what goes in them. My kids usually have no idea if I sneak a little extra healthy stuff in there - whole wheat flour, maybe some ground flax, a little protein powder or a couple extra eggs. If you can doctor them up a bit with some healthy stuff, then pancakes can really be a school day breakfast or lunch you can feel good about giving them. 

This lunch is whole wheat pancakes made into little sandwiches. I spread two of them with cream cheese and two of them with butter (two of my kids don't like cream cheese. Then I flattened a couple or raspberries in each one, and squished the sandwiches together. I make the pancakes on the smaller side, maybe about 3 inches across, so when cut in quarters like this they fit in the lunch box perfectly. 

Along with the sandwiches they all got a cheese stick, just cut in half to make it fit, some berries, a quarter of an apple, and some chex cereal.

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