School Lunch Day 93: Pizza triangles

Friday is pizza night at our house, and whether it's homemade from scratch, or frozen, or takeout, I always try to have enough extra to pack pizza for Monday school lunches. It's the perfect way to ease back in from the weekend. 

easy school lunch idea from

Leftover pizza is such an easy lunch. To make it easier for the kids to eat, and fit in the lunchbox better, I always cut it a bit. Sometimes I cut in strips or in square bites. Today I decided to cut in small triangles. I always cut off the crust because they don't eat it anyway. Along with the pizza three have tomatoes and one has carrots, they all have cheese and berries. Quick and easy. 

The lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes, the veggies are in these silicone cups

Easy packed school lunch idea from - pizza triangles with veggies and berries.