School Lunch Day 94: Gluten Free Snack Box

This one is sort of a fancier twist on the old "lunchables" idea - a box of little bites of things for an easy packed school lunch.

easy school lunch idea from

My version of a lunchable - crackers, lunchmeat, cheese. Nibbles. But this is so much better. I love to use these silicone baking cups to take a 3 compartment lunch box and make even more little compartments. 

These lunches are gluten free! These are gluten free crackers, Milton's brand from Costco - they are so good! They all have cheddar cheese - two have it cut in sticks, and the two that eat meat have it sliced cheese rolled with a slice of turkey. They all have strawberries and seaweed snacks (from Costco). Three of them have tomatoes and one has some almonds. 

These are packed in EasyLunchboxes. These are the square silicone cups. I used these cute little Minnie Mouse forks for the strawberries, and the flower & bee picks in the turkey are from this set

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