School Lunch Day 95: Taco tuesday leftovers!

Leftovers for the win! I'm all about efficiency - when I can pack up Taco Tuesday leftovers as a school lunch, it means I am putting the dinner leftovers away and I'm packing lunch at the same time.

easy school lunch idea - taco tuesday leftovers

I think Taco night is our favorite night of the week. It's a meal that has something for everyone. I try to put out a little of everything - different kinds of fillings and different kinds of toppings. And then the little bits of leftovers make for a super easy lunch. 

These lunches each have something different for the protein, because there was just enough left of each for one serving. One has browned ground beef, one has diced chicken, one has refried beans, and one has fish sticks. They all have tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and some lettuce and tomato. And one has a little container of avocado with lime juice. 

If you use gluten free corn tortilla chips and buy a fish stick with gluten free coating, then this can be a gluten free lunch. Leave out the cheese and it would be a dairy free lunch too. And it's already nut free. The fish here is the one from Costco (not gluten free), but Ian's makes a really good gluten free fish stick, you can get it at Whole Foods. 

These are packed in EasyLunchboxes. The bigger inside containers are from Daiso, I've searched high and low online and can't find them for you. But the avocado is in this container. These are the little spoons

easy packed school lunch ideas from - pack up leftovers from Taco Tuesday for lunch!