School Lunch Day 101: Tortilla roll ups

This was a last minute lunch that I packed this morning. I really hadn't set out to make something that looked so good - it just happened that way! This was quick and easy, I made them while my kids were eating breakfast, and I think it looks really yummy!

school-lunch-March 02, 2016.jpg

These are tortilla rolls. Just a flour tortilla with the round edges trimmed off, spread with stuff, rolled up, and sliced. I used a bamboo skewer to keep them together.

Two of them are spread with cream cheese, then I laid down a slice of turkey, and some baby greens. Roll it up tightly and sliced in even pieces. The greens are a mixture of baby spinach, kale and chard - an organic mix I got from costco. My kids will eat raw baby greens if I tell them it's lettuce. The other two have just refried beans and raw greens. 

They all have a cheddar cheese stick, a carrot, two strawberries and a quarter of an apple. 

These lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes. I put a simple paper napkin in for color, these are just from Ikea. I held the rolls together with these skewers.  For more tips on how I pack lunches, see the posts below. 


A quick and easy packed school lunch idea from - tortilla rollups