School Lunch Day 96: Raisin bread sandwiches and fruit.

A simple breakfast for lunch that my kids all loved!

easy packed school lunch idea

Breakfast for lunch is my favorite day of the week. This is an ezekiel bread with cinnamon and raisins - so it's a win-win: whole sprouted grain, but a little sweet and the kids love it

I spread two of the sandwiches with cream cheese, and two have butter. Then I added sliced strawberries, smushed them together, trimmed the crusts, and cut in quarters. 

On the side they all have a cheese, fruit (apple, and either banana or orange), cereal (chex or cheerios), and dried fruit.

These are packed in EasyLunchboxes. For more of my lunch packing tips, check out the posts below. 

An easy packed school lunch from - pack breakfast for lunch with cream cheese and raisin bread sandwiches.