School Lunch Day 100!!! A gluten free snack box.

A simple packed lunch for the 100th day of school!

100th day of school lunch - from

I apparently lost count somewhere (we had some big sickness happen in January, with a hospitalization and everything, so January is a bit of a blur).

I thought it was the 99th day, but my kids informed me in the morning that it was the 100th day of school. So of course I had to come up with something! I kept it simple and just cut 100s out of cheese. I used some little number cookie cutters, it was quick and easy. 

For the rest of the lunch: They all have some meat - turkey for two, and organic hot dogs for two. Under that they have carrot sticks. For veggies two have cucumbers and two have sweet peppers. And on the side they have strawberries, grapes, and a piece of homemade fruit leather. 

Without even trying, this lunch ended up being gluten free and grain free - once I had all the other stuff in there, there just didn't seem to be a need for any crackers or bread. 

These are packed in EasyLunchboxes. The cheese is in little metal containers from Daiso (sorry, not available online). The veggies are in these silicone cups. 

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A fun grain free and gluten free lunch packed for the 100th day of school - from