School Lunch Day 109: Bagel Sandwiches

Do you ever have days when you haven't been to the store but you have to find something to pack for school lunch anyway? This was one of those days. 

pack school lunch - from

A bit of an odd combination of stuff for lunch today. I had another kid home sick most of last week and I never made it to the store. So I had to scrounge around a bit to figure out what to pack for lunch. But I managed ok I think.

They have a simple bagel sandwich with just sliced cheddar cheese. For extra protein two kids have a container of peanut butter, and two have a few bites of leftover salmon patty. They all have popcorn and seaweed snacks on the side, and a little cup with yogurt raisins and a few chocolate covered edamame beans. 

These lunches have one of my favorite little containers in them - these cute little silicone pots. They are a perfect size to fit in the EasyLunchboxes for an extra little treat or just a small bite of something. They are tall enough that the contents don't spill out when the container is tossed around. 


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