School Lunch Day 104: Pizza Sticks

Today for our packed school lunch I thought I'd have a fun with an otherwise very easy lunch, so I did a little comparison between two of my favorite containers. 

I packed two lunches in our long time favorite EasyLunchboxes, and two in our new Blue Water Bento containers from ECOlunchboxes. I wanted to do this because even though the stainless steel containers look small (one of my kids even looked at it and said "I don't think this is going to be enough lunch for me!), I felt like I could pack the same lunch in a smaller package.

So what you see here are four of the exact same lunches - the two in the stainless containers have the exact same amount of food as the two in the EasyLunchboxes, it just requires a bit more careful packing.

Each lunch has two slices of cheese pizza cut into small wedges, a whole carrot, half an apple, four big grapes, two strawberries, and a small chunk of cheddar cheese. The EasyLunchbox allows me to spread things out a bit more and the food is easier to see, while the ECOlunchbox is deeper so I have to stack things a bit more (the apples are tucked in under the other fruit in the small container that fits perfectly inside it), but it all fits in just fine.

Don't worry - I still LOVE our EasyLunchboxes. But I also love that we now have an option for a stainless steel and leakproof box that works well for us.

Stainless steel is more expensive, but you get what you pay for - if avoiding plastic matters to you, then these are the boxes I would choose. They are the only metal lunch boxes I've found that nest and stack together and have a leakproof lid. 

Great idea for easy school lunch packing -