School Lunch Day 105: Hot Leftovers with Veggies and Crackers

I decided to mix things up a bit today and send the kids something warm in their school lunch - hot dinner leftovers. 

easy packed hot lunch for school - from

One child stayed home sick today (I can't remember the last time I had a whole week with all of them at school!), so I only packed three lunches. 

We had a lot of leftovers in the fridge so I thought would warm some up and send them a warm lunch on a chilly day. They each have something a little different: one has just rice, with a container of soy sauce in her other box. One has leftover soup with ravioli and sausage. And the third has rice and some asian turkey meatballs. 

In their LunchBots containers they all have crackers and veggies - carrots and/or cucumbers and/or celery. One has a cheese and an orange. Two have pomegranate seeds in the little lidded containers, and one has some almonds. 

When I send warm foods for lunch, here's how I do it:

  1. Fill up the thermos containers with boiling water to get them hot.
  2. Heat the food to an extra hot temperature - much hotter than you would eat it.
  3. Put HOT food in a HOT container

Doing this will ensure that you have food that is still nice and warm by lunch time. I've had unopened containers come home at the end of the day and the food is still warm. 

The warm foods in these lunches is packed in Thermos Funtainers.

The stainless steel boxes are by LunchBots. We have an Uno, a Duo, and a Trio.  These aren't big enough for a full lunch, but they are a great size for sending some extras on the side like this, or if you need something for packing a snack. 

Inside the LunchBots two of the kids have pomegranate seeds in these dressing cups. And one has soy sauce in this sauce bottle. The crackers are in these silicone cups

Packing school leftovers? Try packing up hot leftovers.