School Lunch Day 106: Burritos

Just three school lunches packed again today, but I made it super easy by just packing up leftovers after dinner. 

school lunch from

It's the season for sick kids, so I've got another down down again today, which leaves me with just three lunches to pack.

Last night for dinner we had a taco bar. I put out tortillas and all kinds of fillings and toppings - meat, chicken, beans, cheese, tomatoes, salsas, etc. - and we all just build our own taco or bowl. It's always one of our most popular meals - everyone ends up getting exactly what they want. I'm terrible at judging quantities, so there's always lots leftover. But those leftovers make for very easy lunch packing. 

I just packed up the kids lunches right there on the dinner table before I put any of the food away. 

One has a burrito with taco meat, cheese and sour cream.  On the side he's got apples, carrots, grapes and cheddar bunnies.

Another one has a burrito with meat, refried beans, tomatoes, sour cream, and cilantro (all her requests), with chips and grapes. 

The third one recently has been refusing to eat tortillas, so she got refried beans with chips, and grapes on the side. 

One lunch is packed in my favorite EasyLunchboxes. The other two are packed in our new stainless steel and leakproof containers from EcoLunchboxes

Easy school lunch idea - pack up taco tuesday leftovers for the kids to take for lunch!