No Sandwich Lunches!

My posts about lunches that I pack without sandwiches are always the most popular. I love a good sandwich, but nobody wants to eat that every day!

For your viewing pleasure, I've taken some of my personal favorite no-sandwich lunches and built a little video about them, with some pointers about what to include and some of my favorite tips  for how to make them amazing. 

All of these lunches are packed in my forever favorite EasyLunchboxes. Enjoy and happy lunch packing! 


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

New Favorite Snack Boxes!

It's been a while since I've found something new that I'm so excited about that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops - but we have new snack boxes.

You may already know that EasyLunchboxes are my favorite, and most recommended, box for packing school lunches. We've loved these since we started packing lunches, and now there's a new one to choose from. 

This is the new EasyLunchboxes snack box! I think it's absolutely perfect. It's the same genius design as the original, easy to use and pack, easy to clean, just in a smaller size. This is perfect for snacks, but it's also really awesome for your little eaters with smaller appetites. I'll post more about them later as we've used them more.

Tidy little snack box

This is a fun little snack box. This one is packed in a tin box that I got in the "One Spot" aisle at Target. They often have fun little boxes there for just $1 or $3, and they are great to grab up and use for packing snacks. My favorite little square silicone muffin cups fit perfectly in here to divide it into sections, for lots of little nibbles. 

In this box she has a few bites of popcorn chicken, cherry tomatoes, peanut butter (in this container), a piece of banana, a few chocolate bunny grahams, crackers, cheese, a yogurt tube, and a honey straw - it's a big variety for such a little box. She can dip the cookies in the peanut butter or spread it on the banana, and she can make little sandwiches with the cheese and crackers. The raw honey stick is a fun little was to give them a sweet treat that's actually healthy. 


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

Tuna Salad & Crackers

school lunch from

The Lunch Idea

I try really hard to come up with ideas for lunch that are different every day, and that aren't totally loaded with bread and carbs.  Not because we're on a diet or anything, but because most carbs are empty calories that provide very little nutrition, and I want my kids to get calories and nutrition. 

Two of these lunches have my kid version of a tuna salad - just albacore tuna with mayo and shredded cheese.  I know, most people have never heard of putting cheese in tuna salad before.  But we have cheese on a tuna melt, right?  I realized a few years ago that it's much easier for a kid to eat a tuna melt if the cheese was mixed in, because as it melts it helps hold the whole thing together. So instead of putting a slice of cheese just on the top of the tuna in the sandwich, I mixed shredded cheese in with the tuna.  But then I realized that they really liked just eating the leftover tuna that way, with the cheese in it - they will gladly just eat that with a spoon. So ever since then, that's how I make tuna for them, sandwiches or not. 

What's in the Lunch:

  • Two have the above mentioned tuna salad.
  • The third doesn't like tuna, so she has just cut up leftover chicken. 
  • The fourth child doesn't like either of those, so she has a container of peanut butter and a container of apple sauce, and a cheese.
  • Veggies: carrots and/or sweet peppers
  • Crackers
  • Seaweed Snacks
  • Apples

Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

Another new favorite lunch box!

Sometimes you get in a rut and you have to change things up just to stay motivated to keep going.

I have been using our EasyLunchboxes since my oldest two were in preschool. I still have my original set, and they are still awesome. They are absolutely still my top recommendation for basic, easy, and cost effective lunch packing.

But, I have to be honest, after 6 years, of multiple lunches every day, for 180 days of school, I just got a little bored with them. I was having a hard time figuring out why I just couldn't get motivated for lunch packing this school year, and trying to figure out what I could do to get my groove back.

And I finally found it. New lunchboxes!

I've been using the Yumboxes for a couple weeks and I am having fun making lunches again. I love all the bright colors, and the little sections, and the fact that they are totally leakproof is just opening up a lot more easy lunch choices.

I've known about these boxes for a long time. We had a snack sized box for a long time, and I've loved it. But I resisted buying the lunch size. I had a few reasons, one being storage space and another being price. I make four lunches, so that adds up in terms of buying lunch containers. But I finally decided I was ready to try them out. At first I bought just one and used it for a week or two. And I fell in love. I don't know if I can even tell you exactly why, but they really do make it more fun. I love getting creative with what I can put in each little section, and there are things I am packing now that avoided packing before. 

When they say these don't leak, they aren't kidding. I have packed ranch dip, yogurt, applesauce, jam, ketchup, and more - without a single leak. The lid closes really snug - but it's not hard to close!

That's one of my criteria - it has to be easy to open and close. With one simple latch, all of my kids can easily open this and close it. I like that the lid is hinged - I was having a problem with one of my kids somehow leaving the lid off their EasyLunchbox altogether - so we had leftover lunch just loose and floating around in the lunch bag. But this one he closes. It's a great choice for little hands, or for someone with special needs who has a harder time opening and closing something.

The regular size comes in two different configurations - a four compartment and a six compartment. I got a couple of each. I love them both. People who pack a lot of sandwiches or other bigger things will want the bigger space in the four compartment box. If you pack more smaller nibbles, then the 6 compartment is great. I love both. 

The 6 compartment is especially awesome if you are having a hard time knowing what to pack, or if you have kids who are learning to pack their own lunch. Each section is labeled with what should go in it - protein, fruit, veggie, etc.

As far as my two initial reservations, I'm over them. They are more expensive, but they are really sturdy and well made. I know people who have had these for years and they say they are still like new. The good news on the size is that they are basically the same exterior dimensions as our other containers, so they fit in all of our lunch bags just perfectly. They store just fine, I just stack them or line them up vertically.

Also, they come in fun colors, which is never a bad thing. 

So - if you are looking to try something new - you can't go wrong with these!


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.