School Lunch Day 89: Tortilla Rolls

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Valentine's Week lunch number 5!

Tortilla rolls. One has cream cheese, turkey, and cheddar. One has cream cheese and turkey. One has avocado. One has butter. It's just a tortilla, trimmed into a square, then spread with whatever the filling is, rolled, and sliced. A sweet little bunch of seedless black grapes on the side, with a heart strawberry and a (sort of) heart tomato. They all have a heart banana chocolate chip muffin, blueberries, and cheese hearts. 

The cheddar cheese is Tillamook - our favorite!
Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
These are the silicone heart cups that the muffins are in.
These are the picks I used to hold the rolls together.

Also - I included some LunchboxLove cards with these lunches. They are such a simple and fun way to add a little note to the lunch box. 

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School Lunch Day 88: Heart Sandwiches

school lunch day 88

Valentine's week lunch number 4! The kids helped pack today, since I didn't get the lunches made last night. I made the sandwiches and cut the apples, they did all the rest - arranging it all in the boxes, and having fun with lots of fun little picks. 

Since they were standing there when I made the sandwiches, they got to choose. One has just bread and butter, one has butter with strawberries, one has cream cheese with strawberries, one has butter and turkey. They have berries, animal crackers, and a chocolate kiss. Two have an orange and two have apples with strawberry heart centers. Three have cheese, and one has a few slices of chicken on the side. 

Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
These are the silicone heart cups that the berries are in.
The small heart cutter is from this set.
The longer picks that the blueberries are on are from this set.
The four leaf clovers in the oranges are from this set.

School Lunch Day 87: Banana Bread & Strawberry Sandwiches

I have to stop packing lunches for them that I like to eat, because I end up snacking on the scraps a little too much. ;-)

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Day 3 of Valentine's week, and a field trip day!

This is a breakfast for lunch - banana bread sandwiches. Homemade banana bread, spread with either cream cheese or butter, and sliced strawberries in the middle. They all have yogurt - the two for school have a container of yogurt, and the two for the field trip have a yogurt tube. And they all fruit - two have berries and grapes, and the two on the field trip got fruit that was a little less fragile and I thought would hold up to being carried around better, banana and orange. They all have a cheese, and a little chocolate kiss for a very special Valentine treat.

For lunches to go on field trips we try to pack in all disposable containers. The lunches are packed in the plastic clamshell boxes that the strawberries came in. I wrapped the sandwiches in wax paper and held it closed with a sticker, and I lined the whole thing with a cute little Valentine's Day napkin. 


The lunches for school are packed in EasyLunchboxes. 
The yogurt is in these containers.
These are the letter cutters that I use to make the XO on the cheese.
And these are the silicone heart cups that the berries are in.

School Lunch Day 86: Fruit & Cheese Box

This was a super simple school lunch that everybody loved.

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Cheese and fruit are a classic combination. You certainly don't need a bunch of processed sweets when you can get nature's own sweetness in nature's own little packages. I love packing small whole fruits like this, it's easy and it saves time to not have to really prep or cut anything up.

I don't take the time every day to cut the cheese in all these little hearts, but this was Valentine's week so I figured I could spare the extra 5 minutes to show them a little extra love in their lunch. Just a couple of heart shaped cookie cutters and some inexpensive paper napkins from the grocery store are all it too to make this lunch look like a special Valentine treat. 

In the lunch they all have cheddar cheese, grapes, strawberries, bread with butter, organic animal crackers, and dried cranberries. 

The cheese hearts are in little silicone heart baking cups. 

The lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes. 

School Lunch Day 85: Heart Shaped Pizza!

I made these for Valentine's week, but seriously why do you need a special occasion to make a school lunch with a little extra love? These were so easy!

Easy Valentine Lunch from

These are the simplest thing ever and take no time at all. I just used a store bought pizza dough and cut hearts with a big heart cookie cutter. then I spread them with canned tomato sauce, topped with a little cheese, and baked on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes. 

So easy!

I tossed in a few berries and tomatoes on the side, and a cheese for the one who doesn't eat tomatoes.

This is the heart cutter I used for the dough.
Lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes.
This set has a heart cutter like the one I used to make the heart in the cheese.