School Lunch Day 88: Heart Sandwiches

school lunch day 88

Valentine's week lunch number 4! The kids helped pack today, since I didn't get the lunches made last night. I made the sandwiches and cut the apples, they did all the rest - arranging it all in the boxes, and having fun with lots of fun little picks. 

Since they were standing there when I made the sandwiches, they got to choose. One has just bread and butter, one has butter with strawberries, one has cream cheese with strawberries, one has butter and turkey. They have berries, animal crackers, and a chocolate kiss. Two have an orange and two have apples with strawberry heart centers. Three have cheese, and one has a few slices of chicken on the side. 

Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
These are the silicone heart cups that the berries are in.
The small heart cutter is from this set.
The longer picks that the blueberries are on are from this set.
The four leaf clovers in the oranges are from this set.