School Lunch Day 89: Tortilla Rolls

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Valentine's Week lunch number 5!

Tortilla rolls. One has cream cheese, turkey, and cheddar. One has cream cheese and turkey. One has avocado. One has butter. It's just a tortilla, trimmed into a square, then spread with whatever the filling is, rolled, and sliced. A sweet little bunch of seedless black grapes on the side, with a heart strawberry and a (sort of) heart tomato. They all have a heart banana chocolate chip muffin, blueberries, and cheese hearts. 

The cheddar cheese is Tillamook - our favorite!
Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
These are the silicone heart cups that the muffins are in.
These are the picks I used to hold the rolls together.

Also - I included some LunchboxLove cards with these lunches. They are such a simple and fun way to add a little note to the lunch box. 

school-lunch-February 12, 2016-2.jpg