School Lunch Day 87: Banana Bread & Strawberry Sandwiches

I have to stop packing lunches for them that I like to eat, because I end up snacking on the scraps a little too much. ;-)

school lunch from

Day 3 of Valentine's week, and a field trip day!

This is a breakfast for lunch - banana bread sandwiches. Homemade banana bread, spread with either cream cheese or butter, and sliced strawberries in the middle. They all have yogurt - the two for school have a container of yogurt, and the two for the field trip have a yogurt tube. And they all fruit - two have berries and grapes, and the two on the field trip got fruit that was a little less fragile and I thought would hold up to being carried around better, banana and orange. They all have a cheese, and a little chocolate kiss for a very special Valentine treat.

For lunches to go on field trips we try to pack in all disposable containers. The lunches are packed in the plastic clamshell boxes that the strawberries came in. I wrapped the sandwiches in wax paper and held it closed with a sticker, and I lined the whole thing with a cute little Valentine's Day napkin. 


The lunches for school are packed in EasyLunchboxes. 
The yogurt is in these containers.
These are the letter cutters that I use to make the XO on the cheese.
And these are the silicone heart cups that the berries are in.