School Lunch Day 86: Fruit & Cheese Box

This was a super simple school lunch that everybody loved.

Valentine School Lunch from

Cheese and fruit are a classic combination. You certainly don't need a bunch of processed sweets when you can get nature's own sweetness in nature's own little packages. I love packing small whole fruits like this, it's easy and it saves time to not have to really prep or cut anything up.

I don't take the time every day to cut the cheese in all these little hearts, but this was Valentine's week so I figured I could spare the extra 5 minutes to show them a little extra love in their lunch. Just a couple of heart shaped cookie cutters and some inexpensive paper napkins from the grocery store are all it too to make this lunch look like a special Valentine treat. 

In the lunch they all have cheddar cheese, grapes, strawberries, bread with butter, organic animal crackers, and dried cranberries. 

The cheese hearts are in little silicone heart baking cups. 

The lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes.