School Lunch Day 67: Burritos, Quesadilla, and Chips

Burritos for school lunch - from

We'll just call this a Mexican themed lunch day, with each lunch being slightly different. I was using up some leftovers, and just trying to make all the lunches as similar as possible. 

  • Two have burritos - one with just beans and cheese, and the other with beans, a yummy enchilada chicken, and cheese - with chips on the side.
  • One has a quesadilla - tortillas, cheese, refried beans. She also got chips on the side. 
  • The fourth, who lately claims to not like either quesadillas or burritos, has just chips, with a container of refried beans to dip them in and a cheese. 
  • On the side they all have sliced apples, and a mixture of animal cookies and dried cranberries, and I snuck one little tiny chocolate peanut butter cup in there as a surprise treat. 

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