School Lunch Day 68: Make Ahead Snack Boxes

Easy make ahead snack boxes for school lunch - from

You might have noticed, I'm on a bit of a mission right now to tell the world about packing lunches ahead of time. Really it's because I care about you and I want to help save your sanity. Every mom I talk to with school age kids complains about having to get up in the morning, every friggin morning, and make the darn lunches. So I tell them - stop doing that - make them ahead of time. 

This was the lunch that really got me on a roll. This is a Wednesday lunch, made on a Sunday. You can see a before & after pic and read more about my tips for packing lunches in advance here.

But now - for this lunch. This is just a simple lunchable style snack box with lots of little goodies. They all have some kind of cheese, a strawberry, an orange, and some rice crackers. Two have a rolled up slice of turkey, and two have mini hot dogs. Three have tomatoes and the fourth child that doesn't like tomatoes has some yogurt covered raisins.