School Lunch Day 82: Banana Bread Sandwiches

Chocolate chip banana bread for lunch! This is definitely a crowd pleasing packed school lunch. 

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I almost told them all to buy lunch, because I had pink eye this day and I really felt crummy. But I had actually been a little excited about making this lunch since it sounded so good, so I managed to get it done. 

Breakfast for lunch: little sandwiches made from chocolate chip banana bread. This is just my chocolate chip banana muffin recipe, but I baked it in mini loaf pans instead of muffin pans. Two have cream cheese and two have butter. They all have a cheese stick, a skewer of grapes, some Os (Whole Foods 365 brand), and raspberries. 

People ask a lot about how I keep the lunches looking nice like this until lunch time. Two of my best tricks are here. First is the little paper that is wrapped around the sandwiches - it's patty paper. It's just squares of parchment paper and fits perfectly around small items like this. It just helps keep them separated and dry. The second trick is little skewers. I just quickly stuck the grapes on one for these lunches - this keeps them from rolling around and getting banged up and getting everything else wet.