School Lunches: week 4

Last week was not the most exciting week of school lunches around here.  We just had two kids turn 6, so a weekend of birthday fun and grandma visiting, and a couple of us had colds on top of that, the one with asthma keeping me up at night.  I really was feeling crummy all week, so I couldn't bring myself to be too creative with the lunches.  But I have not yet resorted to letting them buy it at school - even though my now 6 year old daughter is begging me to let her buy lunch.  For some reason she thinks it would be really cool.  I'll probably let her do it occasionally as a treat, they publish the school menu online, so I'll pick a day when I think the choices look reasonably healthy. Anyway, here's what I managed to pull together last week, honestly I guess not all that bad now that I'm looking back at them.

Monday: sunbutter & jelly sandwiches, homemade plum & pear sauce, cheese, apples, water.



Tuesday:  Sunbutter sandwiches again.  But at least this time I managed to find the energy to make some bread, so these were on freshly baked 100% whole wheat bread.  A zucchini oatmeal raisin cookie (I keep these in the freezer), banana, cheese.



Wednesday: breakfast for lunch day!  All four had the same, but I only took a quick photo of one.  Overnight slow cooker oatmeal (I'll post the recipe later in the week), a vegan whole wheat pancake, banana, and smoothie in the thermos.  The cup sitting next to the lunch box was my little taste of the smoothie - coconut water, coconut milk, banana, strawberries, oranges, purple cabbage, ground flax.


Thursday lunch was made by grandma, so I got a break.

Friday: I was exhausted from the cold and planning a 6 year old birthday party for the weekend, but I was trying really hard to not give them the same sandwich again.  Wheat cinnamon raison bagel from the freezer (2 of them had cream cheese, 2 of them don't like it), cheese, wheat chex, yogurt covered raisins, and a few kiwi berries.  I also sent them some milk in their insulated cups.